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Digital Photography Magazine
"Online Photo Reflection"

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Digital Photography Magazine "Online Photo Reflection"
Expected outputs: monthly
Number of pages: 47-50 pages
Format: 1280 х 1024 pixels
Download files: 5-14 Mb
Volume of pictures: 80%, 50 - 80 pictures (960 pixels on long size)
Audience: men and women, carried away a photograph with an income above average
Number of registered subscribers: 1135
Subsciption: through registration forms on the website
Storage numbers on the server: since the creation moment

Page Format Price
Cover, 2 page (before Edito's column) 1280х1024 300 EURO
News 1280х1024 250 EURO
Portfolio of photographer 1280х1024 250 EURO
1280х1024 250 EURO
Cover, last page 1280х1024 300 EURO

Discount for direct clients, depending on the size of the order, is discussed.
Discount for advertising agencies - 50%

Request for placement of advertising request sent to: promo@webcomfort.com.ua

Pavlo Korsun
Photo magazine editor in chief
"Online Photo Reflection"

Phone: + 38 050 936 96 80
E-mail: promo@webcomfort.com.ua


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