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"We should be so proud to be higher self-esteem"
Faina Ranevskaya

Many people did not believe a network, but the pace at which increases its information field, striking. Already, many printed publications in the U.S. - a country which is considered the flagship of technology dissemination, look more toward non-print edition and the transition to the electronic copy. It's convenient - financial and resource costs of establishing and training of electronic publishing are minimal. All that users need - high-quality access to information on high-speed communication channels. If the U.S. "Times" is planning to move only in electronic form, and to abandon the printed edition - it is something so mean.

For Ukraine to date electronic version of the spread doubt among many experts - on the road is the low statistics of Internet users in Ukraine and the low speed communication channels. However, if the publication has an audience is not broad and narrow segment - this makes sense.

We have departed from the standard transport model photo magazines in electronic form. Was established option that combines the best advantages of publications and at the same time different from them the ability to integrate with the network. We believe that the future is precisely in the information field of the Network. In our view an example of the search engine Google.com - a sure sign of success for those who look beyond the present day.

The basis of the magazine are great professional photos, which we carefully select and publish it for you. Our view is that the magazine is interesting is large and non-standard photographs - this is the foundation or basis. Also, we publish news, information about the photo exhibitions, current photo contests and highlight interesting photo resources on the Internet.

Navigation of photo magazine is extremely simplified.

We will be glad, if you choose to become our regular readers!

Pavlo Korsun
Photo magazine editor in chief
"Online Photo Reflection"

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