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.: +38 050 936 96 80 E-mail: promo@webcomfort.com.ua


Pavel Korsun

Mission Simplicity
Goals Financial independence
Short - goals Learning Spanish, yachting through Atlantic ocean
Contacts Phone: +38 050 936 96 80
ICQ: 330-515-680
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Work experience  

2008-2009 Private company Ladisten Kiev
Advertising director

Creating web-sites content
Promotion and content optimization for web-sites

Context advertising

Working with international patients from USA, England and EU


2007-2008 Internet agency "ADRPO" Kiev
Account manager

Cooperation with "Nokia Ukraine" regarding advertising companies in Internet


2004-2006 Daughter Enterprise Perekhid Media Limited Kiev
Specialist in relations with mass media

Mediaplanning of Internet advertising companies for trade marks like HP, Borzhomi, Renault, Mercedes, SC Johnson, British Airways
Leading role in relations with clients about mediaplanning
Non-typical mediaplanning solutions

  2003-2004 Institute of Social Transformation Kiev
Head of the Internet-project Ukrainian cities in Internet http://www.cityukraine.osp.com.ua (members of the project 16 Ukrainian cities)
Marketing research with Intrenet
Head of the project Bulletin of Ukrainian cities
Cooperation with regional sources of information
Head of the photostock agency Webcomfort
Marketing research
Creating of business system and structure
Finding of potential clients
Optimization and promotion of the agency web-site in Internet
Studing the experience of creating photo stock agencies in USA
  2002-2003 Design studio Webcomfort Kiev
Head and coordinator
Elaboration of business plan
Design and texts for design-studio web-site: http://www.webcomfort.com.ua
Optimization and promotion of the web-site in search engines and Internet catalogues
Expirience in creating of entertaining and informational projects:
"Collected poetries and fantastic stories"
"Hlopchik and Kopchik adventures"
Advertising campaigns
Own author's project Ukrainian castles
Acting director of the Close fight school
Design and texts of the school web-site: http://combat.webcomfort.com.ua
Advertising campaigns with Internet and the press
Successfully forming of trainees groups
  2001-2002 Private company Ladisten Kiev
Head manager
Design and texts for particularized web-sites of Orthopaedics
Promotion and content optimization of web-sites in World search engines
Head of the project in working to reach first client from USA
Interaction with clients from USA, England, Australia
  2000-2001 Research department NORT Kiev
Creating quality web-sites for firms and companies
Experince in optimization and promotions of web-sites with Internet
Working with professional team
Education 1996-2002 NTUU Kiev Polytechnic University (KPI) Kiev
Faculty: Power industry and automation
Speciality: Electric drive and automatization of industrial plants and complexes
Languages Russian, Ukrainian - native;
English - fluent.
Hobby Traveling, photography, studing English, computer technologies, classic dancing
Additional information Certification with seminar Brand creation and management. Possible mistakes/ 2-5.06.2005
Certification with seminar Staff attestation as a key to promote understanding in company/ 22.04.2004
Certification with seminar Finance plan and creating the business structure of consulting company Reforma/18.03.2004
Valid driving license cat. "B"



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