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Webcomfort - Ukrainian photo stock agency

Photo stock agency Webcomfort was created on April 1, 2003 by Pavel Korsun. Its mission is revival of professional photography market in Ukraine. The main aspects of the project are the following:
  • Search and selection of images
  • Placement of professional photographers’ portfolios on the web site
  • Publication of news about Ukrainian photography
  • Announcement of new photo exhibitions, competitions and other events
  • Publication of reviews of modern photo-equipment
  • Special photo projects “Castles of Ukraine” and “Ancient Ukrainian Towns”
The photo agency has already made really successful sales of professional’s photographs. We are proud of cooperation with Russian travel journal “GEO” and Ukrainian business magazine “Correspondent”. We have established steady contacts with various Ukrainian and Russian companies.

We keep in touch with many professional photographers in Ukraine and CIS. Our developed database provides fast and efficient search of photographs, and allows placing orders for specialized photographers. From day to day, we are expanding our business contacts in a world of pro photography.

Most galleries in Kiev provide us with information about recent photo exhibitions and competitions. Our photo agency maintains friendly relations with editors of Ukrainian photo magazines and newspapers. Since the time of its creation, our photo-bank obtained more interesting form for all Internet users – Ukrainian photo-portal.

In addition, we present reviews of news in professional and semi-professional photography equipment. These reviews are aiming to help in search for the right camera and other digital equipment. We often cooperate with representatives and dealers of digital cameras producers. Among the most known ones we would name: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Minolta,”Yugkontract”, Wega Distribution and others.

The coordinator of the photo agency, Pavel Korsun, realizes special projects “Castles of Ukraine”, and “Ancient Ukrainian Towns”. They represent photographs of 12 Ukrainian castles and sights of ancient towns.

Our mission is revival of Ukrainian market of professional photography.

If you need to contact us, please use following e-mail address:

or write us letter:

Korun Pavel
private box 52
Kyiv 37

We will be happy to cooperate!

Pavel Korsun
Project coordinator